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Back in Service

Central to all units in the field: Dispatcher 1 is back in service. That’s correct after being a little burnt out with things and not being able to complete and publish a post since December I’m ready to come back to action. I feel like it has been so long since I’ve been active that I want to make a small reintroduction to myself and the vision I have for this blog.

Out of Control

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Innocent children being killed, firefighters being ambushed, newspapers giving everyone who has a pistol permit. An entry I never thought I’d write but one I used to get some stuff off my chest.

Thank You

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Thank you to all the Veterans who have served in the armed services of the United States. Whether the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and of course my shipmates in the US Coast Guard without the wonderful people making amazing sacrifices this nation could not be what it is. Thank you to all those who […]

Information Rant Style

Ever get fed up?  I do.  When I started this blog I was all gun ho about talking about Emergency Communications and Emergency Medical Services.  As time went on it was pretty clear that the blog was becoming more and more about EMS and not necessarily about the communications aspect like it was supposed to […]

Dispatcher Stress & Comfort

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Dispatcher stress especially in an E-911 setting is something that is not accounted for in the manner that it should be. Personally I feel that proper stress management, incident debriefing, and insuring for the well being of our personnel is very short changed across the board in Emergency Services whether it’s Police, Fire, EMS, or Communications.

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Dispatcher 1

Unit Calling Central is a blog about Emergency Medical Services from the perspective of the provider in the field as well as the Dispatcher at the Communications Center. This blog is written by an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician as well as a Dispatcher who has multiple years of experience a BLS Provider, ALS Provider, and as a Dispatcher both in a 911 Center as well as for a Commercial Agency. The author known as “Dispatcher 1″ has held certification in multiple states and is also certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher, among other communications qualifications.

Welcome to Unit Calling!

Unit Calling Central is a blog about EMS from the point of view of the dispatcher as well as the EMS Provider in the field. Check out our about page for more information!