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Bronx Train Derailment

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been active but that’s something I’m going to work on changing. This morning a train derailment occurred in the Bronx I will be following along and updating my facebook page and twitter with news as it occurs. It has also been reported than an MCI has been declared. I will continue to research the incident as the day goes on and take a look at the response from FDNY, NYPD, etc.

Happy Birthday US Coast Guard

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Today is the Birthday of the United States Coast Guard the nation’s (if not world’s) primer maritime service.   The US Coast Guard is very social media friendly and there is a lot to learn by visiting their website which is also the home to their blog.   You can also view President Obama’s Birthday […]

A Proud Member

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Today I read an article on the US Coast Guard’s official blog called The Compass about a young boy whose dream is to be a US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. Luke Wiedeman has been living with a brain tumor for more than three years and undergone many treatments for it but has still never lost sight of his dream. With from the Make-a-Wish foundation and US Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Alabama his dream was realized.

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Dispatcher 1

Unit Calling Central is a blog about Emergency Medical Services from the perspective of the provider in the field as well as the Dispatcher at the Communications Center. This blog is written by an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician as well as a Dispatcher who has multiple years of experience a BLS Provider, ALS Provider, and as a Dispatcher both in a 911 Center as well as for a Commercial Agency. The author known as “Dispatcher 1″ has held certification in multiple states and is also certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher, among other communications qualifications.

Welcome to Unit Calling!

Unit Calling Central is a blog about EMS from the point of view of the dispatcher as well as the EMS Provider in the field. Check out our about page for more information!