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The New Guy

FNG… yup that’s me the F-ing New Guy. It’s been a while since I’ve been the new guy at anyplace that I work and its strange being the trainee and not the training officer.  This new agency has different protocols than I’m used to, much more advanced than previous agencies I’ve worked with (which is […]

A Volunteer

I work for an agency that is half paid and half volunteer I’ve been a member now for over two years and I was very skeptical at first having only experienced straight volunteer or a commercial agency. I will say that I was surprised at how well it worked the volunteer crews here are held to the same standards as the paid crews. Volunteer duty crews are expected to wear the same uniforms and operate from the station with a fully checked, clean, and prepared ambulance. I won’t say that there aren’t issues sometimes but then again even with the paid staff some of the employees can be challenging at best.

Just Because

Anyone in Emergency Services be it Fire, Police, EMS, or even Communications we are summoned in instances that are not true emergencies, at least to us. The ‘to us’ is the important part, whether taking a call at the 911 center or arriving on the scene to a call as a unit in the field, […]

Location, Location, Location!

I have been a part of Emergency Services for the past seven years, getting a start when I was a junior member of my local volunteer EMS agency. I have been in EMS for those entire seven years volunteer and paid as a First Responder, EMT-Basic, and for the past three years as an ALS […]

Black Friday – Share your story…

Everyone in Emergency Services be it Fire, Police, or EMS knows that holidays are often the worst times to be on duty. Personally I think the worst time to work not necessarily on the road but in the 911 Center is Black Friday…

Dispatcher 1 In Service

Welcome to Unit Calling Central! I’m Dispatcher One the author of this blog. I wanted to start by saying that it’s been a process getting things setup but it’s well worth it and Fire EMS Blogs is an amazing network that I’m proud to be apart of. I thought a lot about what I wanted […]

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Welcome to Unit Calling!

Unit Calling Central is a blog about EMS from the point of view of the dispatcher as well as the EMS Provider in the field. Check out our about page for more information!

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