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Location & Cooperation, Your guide to 911

People call 911 having no idea where they are, what car they’re driving, and important information needed to help themselves. Everyone should take a little time to pay attention to intersections and landmarks that they pass while driving.

Safety a Priority? Never…

When an officer asks for help who has tools to help defend them self asks for help we don’t question it for a second. When an EMT or Paramedic who is in a jam with nothing but maybe a heavy object that we’ll get cremated for using in defense asks for help we question them. Why are you asking for police? Why do you need help? Are you still moving? Did you stop? Is this really an emergency? Do we need to make this a priority? Lets waste three more minutes making a phone call.. and when they have no answers we may as well do something about it.

Professional Always

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No matter what happens and what the units in the field are doing or saying over the radio it is the dispatcher’s job to be a professional always. Being a professional always is our job we set the tone over the radio just like managing a hysterical caller we need to do our best to bring those in the field back to the ground so that we can do our job and they can do theirs.

Fact or nothing like it…

You can never be sure about the validity of a caller’s information when they dial 911. There are many factors that contribute to what they’re saying that you may not be aware of. Whether they’re hysterical and think the end of their world has arrived, or they’re way to drunk to make any logical sense of a situation what is being said may not be true.

Dispatcher Stress & Comfort

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Dispatcher stress especially in an E-911 setting is something that is not accounted for in the manner that it should be. Personally I feel that proper stress management, incident debriefing, and insuring for the well being of our personnel is very short changed across the board in Emergency Services whether it’s Police, Fire, EMS, or Communications.

Just Because

A mentor of mine once said: “We are called into people’s lives when they are at their worst. Times when someone would want to hide from their family, their best friend, their loved ones… and call on a perfect stranger to help. This is an honor and should be treated as such.”

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