Out of Control

It’s saddening, disgusting, and just seemed unimaginable all this tragedy that has come about this month.  First innocent children are murdered for reasons that we can’t even imagine and probably couldn’t even begin to understand if we were told.   People started calling out for stricter gun control and banning guns and the like.   People fight with those who believe they still have a right to own a weapon.

Personally I don’t know that gun control laws will fix anything.  There are drugs that are illegal that people use all the time and the US tried to ban alcohol and failed miserably… how would this be any different?   There are more gun owners who have never done anything illegal in the country than people who do wrong with them.   Yes guns can be used as a powerful weapon but they can also be used for sport (target shooting, hunting) etc.   That being said we have steak knives in every kitchen in America that are used everyday to eat dinner…  But how many times have they been used to stab someone and cause severe injury or even death?  We aren’t going ban those too are we?

I’m not saying that I don’t think we shouldn’t have gun control…  Having permits and having to take safety classes and do responsible things I am all for.   But taking that away from the good people doing the right thing how is that going to stop the psychopaths who are doing the wrong things?

Today it’s gone a bit further…  4 Fireman were shot and 2 were killed in Webster, NY this morning.   News that I found out when I walked into work and found out about even more horrible tragedy.   As it turns out the gunman had served time in prison for beating his 92 year old grandmother to death with a hammer.

The Webster Fire Department lost two great Fire Fighters one of which was also a Police Officer.   The article on USA Today also included links to some videos and audio from dispatch.   I unfortunately haven’t had the ability to view the video or listen to the audio but I will be after the holiday and may follow up with more.   I didn’t really plan on writing this today but I felt like I needed to vent a little after hearing the news.

In addition to the tragic news it seems that a newspaper, Lower Hudson Journal News (or LoHud), that serves the Lower Hudson Valley, NY area (Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, etc) has posted what is a 5 page article online (and in print though I haven’t seen the print edition) regarding gun control and people having pistol permits.   They also published a list of EVERY person including their address who has a pistol permit in the area.   Personally I find this absolutely outrageous and not only is it a violation of people’s privacy it is also a major safety concern for those whose addresses were given out.   There is also an interactive map which can be found online as well which contains the same information.   From my understanding many outraged locals have reached out to LoHud and they refuse to remove the information from their website.   For more information you can view the main article here.

Quite honestly I really don’t know what else to say…  I am just disgusted with the monsters that live on this earth.  I know there are good people…  It just seems like most of the time we never get to hear about good things do we?

Discussion is always encouraged here on Unit Calling Central however I will ask that you do not turn this into a big debate about gun control.   I welcome you to share your feelings or any stories that you feel will add to the content of the post.   I will however not tolerate people bashing each other, being impolite, or a massive argument.

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