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Welcome to Unit Calling Central!  I’m Dispatcher One the author of this blog.  I wanted to start by saying that it’s been a process getting things setup but it’s well worth it and Fire EMS Blogs is an amazing network that I’m proud to be apart of.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write in my first post and came up with a lot of ideas so instead I’ve decided to just do a short introduction, and then go from there…

So first allow me to tell you a little about myself:   I’m an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and have been in EMS for just over 7 years.   I’m also a dispatcher and have worked in the dispatch center for Commercial Agencies and at 911.   I’m certified in multiple states and I’ve been lucky to learn a lot about many different types of EMS and Communications systems doing so.

I hope to share with you my observations of both Emergency Communications as well as Emergency Medical Services for both the Dispatcher and the EMT in the field.   If you have any questions please feel free to always drop me a line by clicking here, using the contact form, or click the E-mail icon on the sidebar on the right.

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Unit Calling Central is a blog about Emergency Medical Services from the perspective of the provider in the field as well as the Dispatcher at the Communications Center. This blog is written by an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician as well as a Dispatcher who has multiple years of experience a BLS Provider, ALS Provider, and as a Dispatcher both in a 911 Center as well as for a Commercial Agency. The author known as “Dispatcher 1″ has held certification in multiple states and is also certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher, among other communications qualifications.

Welcome to Unit Calling!

Unit Calling Central is a blog about EMS from the point of view of the dispatcher as well as the EMS Provider in the field. Check out our about page for more information!

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